我们也呼吁,有资源的伙伴和MXC抹茶一起贡献力量。如果您愿意和MXC抹茶携手共抗新型冠状病毒肺炎,请通过 或通过表单与我们建立联系。如果您有抗病毒口罩采购渠道或各地派发资源,请尽快和我们联系。












Announcement on Fighting the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Together


Dear MXCers:

In fighting with pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus, MXC Exchange is closely working with mask-providers around the world to purchase N95 and N99 masks, trying to provide some help for citizens in Wuhan and other Chinese cities, as well as users of MXC in South-east Asia, Hongkong China and other places in the world.


Here is the special contact channel for users who need help: Please leave your name, your address, contact information, or fill out the form here: will register your demand in the first time. We are trying to offer a hand to confront the disaster faced by all mankind.


We hereby also call for people of resources contact us soon. Let’s work together to do something in fighting the new respiratory disease. If you have purchase channels of Antiviral masks or delivery channels, please fill out the form below:


Thanks for your support.


Friendly reminder:

Please improve your protection awareness. Wear mask when going out, try not to go to crowded places and do not eat wild animals. Please arrange your work and rest properly, do exercise regularly, keep ventilation, wash hands, disinfect frequently. If you have a cough, fever, chest tightness, fatigue, or shortness of breath, please go to the designated fever clinic or hospital in time.


Here is the collection of fever clinics and hospitals in different cities of China:


MXC Exchange

January 23, 2020

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